Recommended products and services that can help improve your wellbeing after birth injury.

In this section we aim to recommend products and services that can help improve your wellbeing after birth injury.

Our MASIC advocates have tried and tested a few of the following recommendations – complementary therapies, fitness plans, apps and programmes that have helped them – and we have started to collect them here to help you on your postnatal journey and beyond.

This list is constantly being updated, and if you are a provider of services or have a product that you would like to see featured here please email: socialmedia@masic.org.uk.


Hip and pelvic floor stretches for release and relaxation. If you carry tension in your pelvis, this is the video for you! These pelvic floor release exercises are safe to do DAILY.

Consult a pelvic floor physical therapist (sometimes referred to as “women’s health physical therapist”) if you have any concerns related to your pelvic health. Remember: Not all exercises are suitable for all people. If you have ANY questions or concerns about an exercise/movement, talk to your doctor or other healthcare or fitness professional.





EVB Sport has invested over €1 million in Research and Development to help women like you regain control after being diagnosed with Prolapse, Leakage and other pelvic health issues.

Their shorts are specially engineered to lift your pelvic floor, stabilize your organs and position your pelvis. They act like a hammock to your pelvic area providing the support your pelvic floor can’t.

EVB products act like scaffolding for your pelvic floor muscles. It supports these muscles like a hammock, mapped to your body. The elasticated high waist compression helps stabilize the internal organs, preventing them from bouncing up and down and putting pressure on the bladder.The support encourages the correct position of the pelvis, stopping you from actively over bracing your muscles as you try to support the organs yourself.

EVB MASIC Presentation




Curable is an online program and app designed to help people with persistent pain reduce their symptoms and calm their nervous system.

Pain is a multifactorial experience, which is why Curable takes a biopsychosocial approach to helping people heal. Curable helps people with pain identify and address the “missing pieces” that are often excluded from treatment plans, including the role of the brain and conditioning of the nervous system.

The Curable program guides users through engaging audio lessons about modern pain science and teaches them how to apply a wide range of science-backed techniques to reduce their symptoms, including: somatic tracking, graded motor imagery, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, guided meditations, pain reduction visualizations, expressive writing techniques, and more.

Curable can be used as a supplement to an existing treatment plan or on its own. The program can be accessed via web browser or downloaded as an app onto almost every device – Apple, Android, Windows, and more.




re-centre is here to guide you into re engaging with your true core, including your pelvic floor. Using Hypopressives and the Low Pressure Fitness technique as well as Pilates and Yoga, I will guide you and empower you to trust your body again as you grow in strength, tone and function. If you have been struggling with Diastasis Recti or Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Hypopressives are a revolutionary way to deal with these issues.

re-centre is also a space for you to reconnect with your body, through mindful movement, enabling you to be more present in your body and life. It will leave you grounded and confident in your own skin.

As a mum of 2 I know how hard it can be to find time for yourself, but I also know how much better I feel when I do. The idea of this platform is that by having something to follow and with the action of pressing play, you can designate some time, even if it is 10 minutes to yourself, to check in, engage and strengthen your body and in effect re-centre.

What are Hypopressives/Low Pressure Fitness?

Low Pressure Fitness is a complete movement system that tones the core and pelvic floor, restores posture and helps to improve breathing by focusing on diaphragmatic breathing which brings more synergy and co-ordination with the pelvic floor. An apnea or abdominal vacuum is done whist holding specific postures and then as you advance more dynamic movements are added. These poses reduce pressure throughout the abdomen and pelvis, which has a positive effect on relieving the symptoms associated with pelvic organ prolapse, and tones the core, resulting in a reduced waist line and flattening of the abdomen.

The manoeuvre of the Hypopressives has been around for hundreds of years and was first seen in Uddiyana Bandha yoga practices. In the 1980’s Dr. Marcel Caufriez a Belgian gynaecologist started researching the use of hypopressives for women to help improve pelvic floor dysfunction such as pelvic organ prolapse.

Dr. Tamara Rial and Dr. Piti Pinsach the creators of Low Pressure Fitness, continued to expand on the research of Dr. Caufriez, and in 2014 developing a comprehensive exercise and postural system building on the hypopressive techniques.

With a strong focus on postural re-education a by product of the technique can be relief in back pain, and enhanced athletic performance.

An improvement in certain types of sexual dysfunction including hypotonicity of the pelvic floor have also been noted, as well as an improvement in the digestive system.

With the concentration on breath and the conscious movement aspect of the work, over time there is a toning of the nervous system.


Certified Mummy MOT® Practitioner Directory

A Mummy MOT is a specialist postnatal examination for women following both vaginal and C-section deliveries. It will assess how your posture, pelvic floor muscles and stomach muscles are recovering after childbirth. Your Mummy MOT physiotherapist will provide you with gentle exercises and treatment to help with your recovery – and get you back on track with your fitness goals.

All our practitioners are fully trained and licensed to carry out a Mummy MOT®. Mums need to bend, squat and lift so we provide clinical postnatal care and functional exercises for our clients following birth (no matter how long ago).

1-Hour Assessment


  • Full postural screen.
  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment.
  • Abdominal muscle exam to check for any separation.
  • Screening for bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction.




Jo Prance – Personal trainer and MASIC Advocate, specialising in supporting women with pelvic floor problems. Offers advice and support using personal experience of Urogynaecology health issues over the last two decades.

‘I’ve 15 years expertise as a Personal Training Consultant for a range of health conditions including pelvic floor dysfunction. I’ve helped a wide variety of people become fitter, stronger and live normal lives, from injury rehabilitation to training for an event. 

Key to my clients success is my personal experience and genuine understanding of the challenges these conditions present to my clients. I can cater for a varied audience including  ostomates like me. Rehabilitating myself from multiple surgeries has given me a unique skillset and a degree of empathy few PTs can match.  I coach small groups or on a one-one basis.’

MUTU System


MUTU System is the pioneering, body-positive, medically recommended and proven support program for all mothers. We have helped more than 75,000 Mums to feel amazing in and about their bodies since 2009. Our holistic program and expert-led community empower women to gain confidence in how their body looks, works and feels.

MUTU provides evidence-based proven techniques to improve pelvic and abdominal symptoms from ‘baby belly’ or diastasis recti to embarrassing leaks, painful sex or prolapse symptoms. MUTU gives you the body confidence and dignity you deserve.

MUTU System worked in partnership with Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (NNUH) Women’s Health Physiotherapy department to get MUTU to patients during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. 110 expectant and new mothers participated in the programme, between April-July 2020, to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of digital postpartum care from MUTU during and after the pandemic.

Results revealed:

96% of women saw improvement in bladder weakness

91% saw diastasis recti improvement

95% felt better about their body function

76% of women claimed to feel physically stronger

59% felt more self-confident and mentally stronger

100% of respondents who couldn’t locate their pelvic floor muscles prior to starting MUTU, could do so by week 3 of MUTU

100% of Trial participants with prolapse symptoms saw an improvement by Week 3 of MUTU

90% of those experiencing pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse, saw improvement by Week 9, and 93% by Week 12.

Assessed & Approved by NHS Digital for the NHS Apps Library

“The MUTU System programme has met all compliance standards, and displays evidence of clinical benefits… including reduced risk of surgery, symptom improvement and mental well-being improvement”

ORCHA NHS DAQ assessment team, Feb 2020. For the detailed assessment of each section, see medical references here

The stats speak for themselves.
More women are affected and need support…


of women with severe birth injury said it impacted on their relationship with their child


were affected by traumatic memories of the birth


stated they were embarrassed by the symptoms of their injury


of women affected said they doubted their ability to mother


suffered postnatal depression as a result of their injury


of women affected regretted having a child because of the injuries sustained