Professor Michael Keighley MA MS FRCS

Mike Keighley is the Founder of The MASIC Foundation.

He was a Barling Professor of Surgery at The University of Birmingham from 1985-2004 and is a Colorectal Surgeon.

He used to be involved with repairing severe perineal injuries in women with bowel incontinence. He also undertook research into the best methods of repair and held an MRC grant, investigating the incidence of anal incontinence after childbirth in collaboration with Debra Bick.

In retirement, he helped to establish a colorectal unit with investigation facilities for women with these injuries at one of the three leading University Teaching Hospitals in India (CMC Vellore). During this time he realised that these injuries had a profound influence on the social, psychological and spiritual lives of women in their Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim communities.

This led to an MA at Durham University in Theology and Health and resulted in a Thesis to explore the impact of the injury on the lives of women. As a result of these studies, and in collaboration with health professions and women who had suffered an injury, The MASIC Foundation was born in 2016.

The stats speak for themselves.
More women are affected and need support…


of women with severe birth injury said it impacted on their relationship with their child


were affected by traumatic memories of the birth


stated they were embarrassed by the symptoms of their injury


of women affected said they doubted their ability to mother


suffered postnatal depression as a result of their injury


of women affected regretted having a child because of the injuries sustained