At The MASIC Foundation we have three main aims.

1. Raising public awareness and supporting injured women

2. Supporting research and prevention

3. Educating the medical profession

Sometimes called faecal incontinence, anal incontinence or urge incontinence, bowel incontinence can be the consequence of having a third or fourth-degree perineal tear when giving birth. Severe perineal tears are sometimes undetected at the time of birth and only identified if a woman reports symptoms of bowel incontinence, which could be several years later. The MASIC Foundation is the only charity which supports women who have suffered severe perineal injury during childbirth which results in bowel incontinence. This outcome can have a devastating impact on a woman’s health, intimate relationships, family relationships, lifestyles and employment. Some women also report problems bonding with their babies. Despite these potentially serious impacts, few people seem to know about problems following severe perineal trauma. Reasons include:

  • Many women prefer to keep symptoms of bowel incontinence a secret from their partners and children
  • Suffering bowel incontinence can lead women to feel they have suffered a loss of dignity
  • Suffering bowel incontinence can make women feel isolated

Women may also experience mental health issues, such as postnatal depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and the fear of having another child.  Physical and mental health symptoms may never go away, in fact physical symptoms may become worse with the onset of menopause.

  • Action The MASIC Foundation is taking to help women who suffer bowel incontinence following severe perineal injury:
  • Support groups: Meeting through face to face, online or social media platforms
  • Raising public awareness: All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPG’s), conferences open to the public, media outlets and the press
  • Research: Converting women’s stories into information for health professionals; gathering data on perineal care clinics where women can receive appropriate help and support; supporting and leading on research relevant to prevention, management and impacts of severe perineal trauma
  • Educating the profession: Education days in different locations in the UK throughout the year
  • Prevention: We are key players in important national initiatives to improve birth outcomes. This includes the RCOG/RCM OASI 2 Care Bundle, which aims to inform women about their risk of perineal injury during vaginal birth and better support midwives and obstetricians to prevent injuries and to detect injury if it has occurred. We are also represented on expert groups established by NHS England to support maternity care outcomes as part of the NHS Long-Term Plan.
  • Sustainability

The MASIC Foundation relies completely on charitable donations and does not receive any help from the government. We cannot provide this programme without your financial support.

The MASIC Foundation is easy to donate to. Here are some ways to help:

  • Donate to the CAF BANK
  • Just Giving
  • Using Amazon Smile and choosing The MASIC Foundation as your charity to donate to. This is of no cost to you, but every purchase made through Amazon Smile this way, means that we get a percentage sent straight to our bank.