Perineal Clinics

The perineal clinic is a specialised clinic for women who require follow up for perineal or pelvic floor problems following childbirth. They see women who have experienced third and fourth degree tears in order to assess the healing of the tear, to assess how the pelvic floor and bowel muscles are functioning, and to offer advice for delivery in subsequent pregnancies. These clinics are also able to see and advise women who have problems with perineal wound healing or infections, perineal pain, and persistent postnatal bladder or bowel symptoms.

What will happen at the clinic appointment?

You will be seen by a specialist consultant who will ask you some questions about topics including your most recent delivery as well as any other previous pregnancies, plus any bladder or bowel symptoms that you have. Depending on the reason for your attendance, an examination of the vagina and/or back passage will usually be recommended. You may also be offered a specialised ultrasound scan of the muscles around the back passage. This involves passing a small probe just inside the back passage. It might be slightly uncomfortable but is not painful. This scan gives important information about the healing of any tears that you sustained. If you do have any troublesome symptoms, you will be offered treatments and advice regarding these. Depending on your symptoms, you may be offered a follow up clinic appointment.

The stats speak for themselves.
More women are affected and need support…


of women with severe birth injury said it impacted on their relationship with their child


were affected by traumatic memories of the birth


stated they were embarrassed by the symptoms of their injury


of women affected said they doubted their ability to mother


suffered postnatal depression as a result of their injury


of women affected regretted having a child because of the injuries sustained