(1)    There is the clinic we call an OASI Clinic to support women who have an identified tear at birth involving the control mechanism for waste who need follow up. The purpose of this clinic is that if a mother develops any problem with their bowel or water works they can be assessed and treated by the most appropriate speciality. These OASI clinics are marked with a purple pointer.

(2)    There is the Anal Incontinence Clinic which aims to investigate women who have discovered they have to dash to the toilet for a poo in a hurry or cannot control wind which is very embarrassing and difficult to talk about. The problem is that these clinics, often run by nurses, are called different things in different Trusts: pelvic floor clinics, functional bowel clinics, bowel incontinence clinics and similar terrifying names. For the purpose of this  map we call them AI (anal incontinence clinics) and they are identified with an orange pointer.

An update to this map is currently in development and is coming soon. Please check back soon!