Jenny’s 10k run for freedom

On Sunday 12 March Jenny ran her first 10km race since her injury, a massive achievement given what she had been through. She said:

Jenny“Seven years ago I was frightened to leave the house for fear of ‘accidents’.

“I struggled with depression and anxiety. Five years ago I underwent two lots of surgery. One year ago I still thought I’d never be able to run or do much in the way of physical activity. I was fit and sporty before the injury, and missed exercise terribly.

“Six months ago a friend suggested we try the “Couch to 5k” training programme together. Slowly and gently (and with an elaborate bowel preparation routine beforehand) I found I could manage.

“I set myself a target to take part in a fundraising 5k in Spring 2017. But then I changed my mind – I wanted a bigger challenge.

“Running 10k today I felt like a real runner, not someone with severe bladder and bowel problems. And, it felt great.

“I hope I can inspire other women with OASIS not to give up hope and that sometimes it’s worth throwing caution to the wind, just to feel normal again.”


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